The Day The Master Came

There she lay, trapped in a dungeon, with no help in sight.
She was tired and afraid, young and weary; the night was long, dark and dreary.
Held in a place where most of the human race once lay; wondering, and tumbling, yeah souls in a maze.
The darkness was within and hidden without, for the free gift of salvation had not been told about.
She panted and gasped like deer for the water, not knowing her sins could be laid on the altar.

Finally, fortunately, on the pews of a children’s church, with stuttering and mumbling, she cried to the LORD.
Suddenly, there was a blast, a ‘click’ and a ‘boom’, for Jesus had destroyed her darkness and gloom.
Her sins were washed away, and joy had come to stay. The MASTER had arrived and He was here to stay!

O happy day!  O happy day!
When Jesus washed my sins away
O the joy of being born-again !
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.


Blue Oasis

Blue is my color, my toenails are blue,
wardrobe, kitchen, stockings and shoes
The sky is blue, the oceans too
Its You I run to when I am blue
For where You are, those hurts and pains
dont stand a chance: you hold the reins
I’ll trust in You, You will come through,
bringing me laughter and much breakthrough.