Worshiper’s Amnesia?

Worship. Hmm…how do i describe it? I will start by saying its one of the easiest things to ignore as a chorister or song minister. Huh? Well, yeah. I mean many times we are so consumed by the appeal of the people around us or the pressure to deliver that we soon forget why we are there, all dressed up standing in the midst of those people in the first place.

Are there any reasons for this drawback? Sure. Would rather call it a challenge. Yes its the challenge that most worship leaders face. In the first place, i think it is not uncommon for Gods children to forget where they are.  Call it absent-mindedness, forgetfulness or simply being distracted. the truth is that many believers, during worship, get carried away with many things during worship and worship leaders are not exempt. In fact, they are more prone if I may say so. We get carried away by the environment…the beautiful setting, backdrops and lighting, the glorious attires of Gods people..yep, those pumps we should have bought at Macy’s or those shoes we coveted at the shop now being adorned by someone else. Not forgetting those eyes peering into us…for what reason….maybe  because we are singing off-key or our shoes are long worn…”I knew I should have worn flats instead, sigh…who knows’. We are also distracted by our own feelings…” he didn’t even say goodbye”, “how much did the bank charge me for that transfer” or “when is mom getting out of the hospital”. Sometimes we are simply just too insecure, we don’t feel good enough or pure enough to stand before the KING. “I haven’t spent time with God in a while and here i am leading worship”. “I still struggle with forgiveness and yet I’m here acting like I am righteous and all”.

Ignorance is the main culprit here; we don’t know how loved we are, and how high and deep and wide Gods love is for us. We don’t”really know what its like to be loved unconditionally. WE forget the work of the blood of JESUS. Yes that ever cleansing flow. We forget that we are justified by faith and not works. We forget. oh yes we forget.

Discipline is another key factor , or the lack thereof. We need to bring discipline to the house of God and not reserve it for just official meetings. I mean we pay full attention when attending an interview or a business meeting. Indeed, we are sometimes more attentive to mundane things. things that are of no eternal value. We need to bring our A-game all the time to church and we need to be properly trained at workers meetings and rehearsals  to do so.

Worship should begin at rehearsal…no, it should begin in the bedroom, or rather, in the kitchen. When we worship God without any need for prompting, it would be much easier to do it in front of others. “To be a worship leader”, it is said, “you must be a lead worshiper.”

Dear God, keep us from worshipers amnesia………..from forgetting who we are and whose we are. Help us to let go..and drink in the beauty of your awesome glory, for we were created for nothing more.

Worship is not a challenge…….we were made to worship. Its our character.W e got this. Philippians 4:19



4 thoughts on “Worshiper’s Amnesia?”

  1. I love this because I’m also guilty. One of the things I think can also help us focus on Him while worship is this. See Jesus as seated on His throne just in front of you in the fullness of His glory . Let it be real to us then the worship will come from the inside of us.

  2. I can totally relate with this. I’m either carried away by the instrumentalists, a fine girl’s dress/makeup, or by ability to sing well and not fault. God help us!

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